baking masterpost #1

So, I’ve been on a baking kick for the last couple of weeks. I’m 10 times more comfortable baking than cooking– I mean, just look at my last post. I just wanted to share some of the recipes I tried, along with a couple of notes. Hope you enjoy  🙂
(links are in the section titles)

matcha bread:

This was good– it was nice and moist and the green tea flavor came out just enough. The only problems were that mine was kind of dense and not very pretty. It also didn’t rise very well, but that’s probably because I didn’t use a hand mixer. Oh, and it took way longer to bake than I expected for just a loaf pan… I had it in the oven for least an hour for the toothpick to come out clean.

**unrelated: I tried to make a honey butter glaze to put on top, but I didn’t use a recipe, plus I burned it and it turned into caramel. It worked with the green tea flavor, but at the same time, it kind of didn’t. Basically, if you’re putting something on the bread (which would be a good idea), use a recipe.**

apple cake:


one day i’ll learn to cut apples neatly

This one was so yummy and so pretty. Even though it was kind of the focus of the recipe, I used butter instead of olive oil because….I felt like it. It was so good! When I first tried it, I didn’t let it cool for very long, so it was the texture of bread pudding. I don’t even like bread pudding but I loved this. After it set, it was like homemade apple pie, but better because it’s way easier to make. no crust!!! 


gluten free strawberry cupcakes (with icing):

For these, I used strawberry jam instead of puree out of sheer laziness. They still tasted good– I feel like it’s a matter of using jam that is made of actual strawberries and not flavoring. The only weird thing was that the tops of the cupcakes rose and browned, but bottoms were crumbly and shrank from the wrappers. They were less than photogenic. It might have been the gluten free flour? I need to take a baking chemistry class…

Also, these are vegan as long as the jam is made with pectin and not gelatin.

vegan rhubarb muffins:

fluffy tops

Listen. These were GREAT. Seriously. The recipe isn’t actually vegan, but I used Ener-G powder to replace the egg, regular sugar instead of brown because I couldn’t find mine, and almond milk instead of 2%. Like I’ve said before, experiments work within reason :). They were so fluffy and so delicious. Oh, and if you’re not sure whether or not you really like rhubarb, pre-cook it in a pan with some sugar to sort of candy it first. The tartness doesn’t hide at all, but that’s why I like them.

nutella cake:

i’m overly proud about how this looks

I don’t have too much to say about this one, other than it was really, really good. I used canned coconut milk instead of whole milk, since I already had it around and it substitutes 1:1. One thing about this cake is that, because of the color, it’s hard to tell whether it’s baked through or not. I had to poke test it a million times and bake it for about 20 minutes longer than the recipe says, but it turned out well.

**unrelated(?): I didn’t have an electric mixer when I made this, so I did all the mixing by hand. It made the cake a little dense and bread-y, but it was perfectly fine**

img_7371    img_7366     img_7368

lemon blueberry chia cookies:

I didn’t try the glaze included this recipe, so I’m not sure how it is–I’m still a little shook by the last time I tried to make a glaze. Anyway, the chia seeds were a random addition, and I subbed 3/4 cup coconut milk for the whole milk because it’s what I had. This made it a little too wet, but I was tired and wanted to give it a shot. I also used lemon extract and bottled lemon juice rather than real lemons because I still don’t have a juicer (oops). Despite my riding the struggle bus for this entire recipe, they turned out alright. I promise! They spread out kind of strangely in the oven though…again, not photogenic.

Note: I put the leftover batter from these in a glass pan–it makes a LOT of batter– and ended up with cake bars. Next time, I’ll probably use this recipe only for cake bars and not cookies– the texture is really cake-like anyway and it weirds me out a little bit.

This post ended up way longer than I anticipated. Wow.
Well, happy baking! 🙂


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