today i learned: (most) cake mixes are vegan

Did you know that a lot of boxed cake mixes are vegan? Plus, some store-bought frosting is too??

Use soy milk, egg replacer (I used Ener-G’s egg replacement powder– it sounds weird, but it works, trust me), and you get a pretty decent quality cake that is vegan friendly, depending on what brands you choose.

There is a list to a bunch of dairy-free mixes here, but they’re all Duncan Hines. The cake I made was Pilsbury’s German Chocolate mix, and I know a few Betty Crocker mixes are dairy-free as well. It’s all a matter of label reading, which can be tedious, but if you’ve ever cooked vegan, I’m sure you’re used to it  🙂

A digression:
Pan quality is important. Like, really important. I got this value set of cake pans because I thought they’d be okay for a quick cake, and I was very, very wrong. I used nonstick spray, but the metal wasn’t dark enough for the cake to cook right so it stuck TERRIBLY. Make sure you grease the pans and sprinkle some flour on them before you pour the batter in, and it’ll turn out fine. I’m not suggesting you get $20 pans by any means, but please, please, do not get the ones that cost $1 each, if you can help it.

Anyway, I haven’t been in the mood to cook anything real lately, so I thought I’d ramble about something new to me. The more you know!


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