hello kitty cookies

This is going to be short and sweet, just like Hello Kitty.

I wasn’t even going to make a post about this at all, since it’s literally just a Betty Crocker box mix. But they brought me too much joy.

If you know pretty much anything about me, you know that I love Hello Kitty. I had to read a book about her for class last week, and it made me think about how many of my things have some sort of Sanrio character on them. Stuffed animals, clothes, car decals, key chains, you name it. And now, cookies 🙂

so much kitty
look how cute
some of the decals didn’t stick, but oh well

A less well known thing about me is how much I like baking, especially for other people. I can’t explain why, but this Huffington Post article does a pretty good job of putting it into words. I made these cookies for an awesome friend of mine, and I’m already kind of giddy for her reaction.

Anyway, like I said before, it’s cookie mix from Dillons that cost less than $5.
But sometimes, that’s enough to turn a normal day into a good one.



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