vegan brownies (act 1)

I promised the Vegan (a great friend of mine) some brownies several weeks ago, and this is the result.

I didn’t anticipate how strange and complicated involved a lot of vegan brownie recipes were– multiple kinds of flour, arrowroot(?) powder, black beans(??), etc.

And I still haven’t been to the store.

So, I used this recipe.

The only ingredient that’s kind of unusual is the flaxseed as an egg replacement. You can just substitute chia seeds like I did, but I’m not sure how helpful that is if you’re not the kind of person who keeps seeds around (like me). Another thing– the recipe’s instructions don’t mention the baking powder or salt [accidents happen], but YOU NEED THEM BOTH. The brownies won’t rise or stay together as well without those, and really, that’s already a struggle when baking vegan.

I mean, look at how flat they are.

imagine if i’d forgotten the baking powder
they photograph pretty well, though

I also replaced the applesauce with melted coconut oil [a 1:1 substitution] because…I didn’t have enough applesauce. They turned out fine and tasted good– the Vegan confirms. 🙂

By the way, these brownies are on the fudgey side. I’m still on the lookout for a more cake-like vegan brownie recipe, so stay tuned for act 2!


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